Minimum Client Hardware

What is the minimum hardware people have gotten the client to run well on?
I’ve been using Lenovo Tiny PCs, but this seems like overkill. I haven’t yet had luck getting a Pi Model 3b to open a client, but I’d like something less than the $500 Tiny for light industrial assembly lines. Any one have suggestions?
My basic criteria:
Would really like something that can be locked down into kiosk mode; read only file system a big plus.
Staying away from IT and patches has advantages in combination with above.
Would like to be able to have a spare on the shelf and just swap out card when one fails.

Really? I’ve been using them for close to two years now, both with a separate Raspian distro and NOOBS. I also use the native client launcher.

I wouldn’t put any huge projects on a pi, but display boards and andons should still be okay.

I can put up a copy of the setup guide I wrote on the subject if you want it.

Please do! I’ve been trying with the NCL, and I can get to the login screen, and try to login, but it spins for a bit and then does nothing. I’ve bumped up the max memory to 256mb, have not tried much else. Basically a bone-stock PI/raspbian at this point.

Huh. My installs are stock pi stuff. The the extras I install:

  • samba (just so I can ping it from a Windows environment.)
  • mc (Midnight Commander, my cli file manager weapon of choice)
  • unclutter: (hides the otherwise annoying mouse pointer in kiosk-y type applications)

This was written for an earlier version of Raspian/NOOBS, so there might be minor differences. VNC is running by default, for example. But VNC, and SSH are more of a convenience for me, than necessary to run a client.

You might also try deleting the .ignition folder to get a fresh download of Jython and your project.

Feel free to modify the attached guide to your environment. I wrote it so that somebody could set one up in my plant in the unlikely event I would actually have a day off. Sarcasm intended. :laughing:

Raspberry Pi Andon Client Setup.txt (2.7 KB)


Ok, I’ll try with a virgin raspian build then. Right now I’m using starter kit build that I’m not sure how customized it was. Thanks!