Modbus tag address with koyo plc

I have a directlogic 06 koyo plc from automation direct. Put it on are network and got the device connected to ignition using modbus tcp.

automation direct linked me to a modbus address conversion chart. I have not be able to get a good address to get a connection.

I want to display the status of a a coil C102 my modbuss address in the tag editor i put [Line5Filler]C102
i.e. my devicename and the coil

Have you tried directing to a specific unit id?

I.E. [Line5Filler]1.C102

I did but im not sure if im using the right unit id number i tried 0-5 with no luck. Is there a way to know of what it might be.

Found this online:

With the DirectLogic PLCs I could set the unit ID with dip switches on the ECOM module or set it using NetEdit 3. Where can I set the unit ID on Productivity PACs?

Don’t know if it applies to your Directlogic. Might want to check.

Do you get any errors in the gateway logs for that modbus device? I know I’ve had issues before trying to read across unmapped modbus addresses where the simplest fix was to just map the gaps.

hmmm… i read a whole argument on that. but i will call their tech support and ask

You need to use AutomationDirect’s Modbus Conversion Utility to determine the Modbus address for Koyo’s C102.

Koyo C102 → Modbus C3139

[AutomationDirect Technical Support - Technical and Application Notes] It is AN-MISC-010.

I used that tool right off the bat. Doesn’t make a difference. Still get nothing

No errors then?

I am having trouble locating the gateway logs.

Log into your gateway webpage, then look on the left side under Diagnostics, you should see logs there.

I don’t see it.


what version are you on?


I think it might be under System > Console?

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Nothing in my logs

But under tag quality i get config error data quality

I get this error in my log, and the device seems to keep connecting and disconnecting![error|690x75](upload://zIFd51LZ4Nzwd0kEtAZBhoRrYa3.png)

e1 e2

That typically happens when there’s no traffic to a device within the device’s timeout. Apparently, a fair number of Modbus devices will time out the TCP channel in ten idle seconds. You might need at least one tag on a five-second scan class to keep the connection alive.

How would I go about putting one tag on a 5 second scan class?