Mouseover text binding in template blocks Mouse Entered script from running

I ran into a weird issue that I'm not sure is intended or if it's a bug.

I have a Mouse Entered script set up on a template instance for getting some data and putting that data into some properties on the window, which works perfectly fine. I then added a mouseover text binding inside of the template to display some other information to the user. However, when I added that binding inside of the template the Mouse Entered script on the template instance stopped executing completely. I tried changing the mouseover text binding from on the template itself to a component inside of the template and the same thing happens. If I get rid of the mouseover text binding then the script executes as normal. Is this intended behavior?

If so, is there a way to have a mouseover text and a mouse entered script work together?

Hi @Duffanator,

Can you provide the Ignition version that you're working with?

On version 8.1.31, I added a mouse-entered script on a vision template that changes a tag value. Then I added a mouseover text binding on a label within the template. Both seem to be working as expected. I'd like to see if I can replicate the issue you're having.

If I'm unable to replicate this issue, it may be best to reach out to our support department ( for help figuring out what's going on here.

I'm currently running version 8.1.20.

This is what I'm doing when the mouse enters the template instance:

If I have a mouseover text binding inside of the template then the script never runs:

Thank you for the additional info!

I've found that I had the same issue if the mouseover binding was on the same component as the mouseEntered script. Seems like the mouseover binding takes precedence and then there's nothing set up to queue the script to run after the mouseover text is displayed.

It looks like something similar has been mentioned in the forums and in our support tickets. According to our engineers and others in the community, this is expected behavior for any Java swing application.

Sorry, I know it's not ideal, but a potential workaround is to set up the mouseover text binding on a component inside of the template. When I set it up on a label inside of the template, I noticed that when my mouse entered the template, the script ran, then when it went over the label, I saw the mouseover text, then when it left the label, it ran the script again as though I wasn't already inside of the template.

No, not ideal.

Thanks for looking into it! I will play around with the mouseover on a specific component inside of the template and see what works best. Thank you!

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