Moving all pipes together

I have a large mimic that I'm working on in a coordinate container, and it has a lot of pipes on it. I needed a little more space to the left of my graphics to squeeze something in, so I selected all the objects and moved them 50px to the right. Unfortunately the pipes don't come with them, and I can't see a way to just shift all of their x position references by 50px - it looks like a very tedious exercise in expanding out each element and sub-element in the pipes properties, and manually adding 50 to each x value.

Is there an easier way?

Editing the json might be easier, but it's a pita at the moment trying to position pipes accurately without being able to use the arrow keys..... I don't really use them yet because of it

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Yep, that was another headache I noticed that I'm hoping gets some upgrades in future releases

The most critical concern though about using the piping tool is performance. Once you start getting more pipes, performance and client loading times go up. If you take a look at Nader's example, it's unusable as an operator

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That's good to know about, thanks.

I don't have a super-huge amount of pipework, but I'll keep an eye on it and make sure it's not starting to get too sluggish.