Multiple "Virtual" Monitors

So I know from the manual that Vision supports multiple monitors, but we have a project we're about to start working on where the client is using a 4K monitor (3840x2160) but they want to split it into quadrants with each quadrant acting like a separate 1080p monitor. With Ignition seeing only a single monitor, will we be able to do a full screen application and still treat navigation, etc. as if it were 4 separate monitors or is there any way to do this? I was going to experiment myself, but don't have a 4K monitor available right now to test it on, so was going to try to put something together using my laptop with much smaller "desktops", and figured I'd ask here first if anyone had successfully done something similar.


This may not answer all your questions, but should offer some insight
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Another option would be one window with 4 containers to simulate 4 different screens
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I've been playing, and it looks like the system.gui.openDesktop function will create the 4 virtual monitors I'll need with handles for each of them. I just have to specify screen 0 for all of them with the x/y coordinates and the starting windows (including the docked windows) and it will work fine. Then the navigation works as expected, and I'm able to force other "desktops" to navigate with system.nav.desktop('desktophandle').swapTo('window')

I have been running into some scrollbar issues, but I'm guessing/hoping I'll be able to resolve those easily (may just have some widths/heights set wrong).