Mystery OPC connection faulted

Ignition 8.1.

My Status page shows one OPC connection faulted. Checking the OPC connections list I find

  • Name: Production
  • Type: N/A
  • Uptime: Unknown
  • Status: Faulted. “java.lang.Exception: OPC server connection is faulted. Type “Production_ServerType” is not a known server type.”

I can’t find Production under OPC UA Device Connections or OPC Connections.

Where else should I look for the configuration of this OPC connection?

That would be from SepaSoft’s modules. Make sure those are loaded and running.

Thanks, Phil. I had to look up SepaSoft. We’re not using them and we only have IA modules, CodeSys OPC DA and a disabled B+R OPC server. The application was devoloped on our server so I don’t think there should be any reference to other vendors’ modules.

I can’t find anywhere I can delete this OPC connection. Any other ideas?

It’s definitely from one of Sepasoft’s modules, OEE downtime I think. It may not be installed now, but it was at one point.

You can either call support so they can walk you through deleting via the internal DB or you can re-install the module, delete the connection, then uninstall the module.

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Thanks, Phil and Kevin. It was a ghost from a trial installation years ago. Re-install, delete the OPC connection and uninstall the Sepasoft module did the trick.

Thank you again.

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