Need some ideas to start a project

I work in an injection molding factory, and I would like to set up Ignition to have access to maintenance-related data, since we have nothing of the sort (except production oriented data, of course).

We have around 40 machines, most of which have their own product-handling equipment. So around 80 separate machines, each with their own few plcs of various manufacturers.

I am new to Ignition, and trying to figure out how to build it up. I would like to start with one machine, to be able to see/monitor all its data, to eventually add all systems, so I want to be smart and not give myself trouble further along the way. I’m looking for advice about architecture. Would a single Gateway be enough to manage everything? In said gateway, should I build a different project for each machine? I’m a bit lost in all this! Thank you in advance for your time and help!

Hello, and welcome!

This is a pretty open topic. Just a couple of thoughts... well three... five at most...

  • Tag structure. Use similar naming /folder structures / UDTs. In my example, we're organized by line number (3425, 3426...). When we need data we pull it by line. Read up in indirect tags, and you'll be a pro.

  • Document, document, document. Tags, db tables and columns. Perhaps flocharts for operations or data flows. The Useful Tools thread may be of help.

  • Since you're new to Ignition, I'll suggest going through Inductive University's free training courses.

  • Use the forum. We have a lot of talented users here, and while we can be pedantic or sometimes downright annoying, we are-- as an old instructor of mine would say-- a veritable cesspool of information. :slight_smile:


Hello and thanks for the answer! The Useful Tools thread will be useful, I went to check it out, and I am in the process of getting credentials from Inductive University at the moment, slowly but surely! Thank you for the tips, I will check indirect tagging as well.

I understand the importance of a good structure, either in tags or folders, or anything really! I guess my question was more capabilities/efficiency-related. Should I build each system separately on different gateways, then link gateways through a server? Or could I use a single gateway to build each system as a project? What would be the more efficient way to do it, to avoid trouble when I reach the step of putting the whole thing together? I like the idea of making each system a "project" of its own on one gateway, but would said gateway allow me to build so many projects?

Thanks again!

For only 80 machines all at the same plant, aside from redundancy, I don't see any reason for multiple gateways and projects. Each line or machine can be developed within separate windows within the same project.