Useful Tools Thread

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone wants to share any tools/software/programs that you use alongside Ignition to aid in development. I discovered this program, Visidata, a few months back and it was essential in being able to sift through large sets of data. It uses regex and python to allow editing, filtering and creating new tables which I used for mass configuration changes. It requires Bash as it runs from the command line. I consider it very user friendly and extremely useful when needed. It is open source and the creator has a series of instructional videos on Youtube demonstrating its capabilities.


This program can pull text from screenshots and PDFs. It is a front-end to another program, tesseract-ocr.




I’ll be honest, I forgot about this thread.

Notepad++ to start my initial scripting. Even if I close the program without saving, it’s still there upon startup. Not that I ever NOT save…

Diagram Designer for flowcharts. to test regexes before inflicting them upon the rest of my code. It can also generate code snippets to play with for different languages. to set up labels for Zebra label printers.


Visidata looks cool, I’ll have to check that out.

Datagrip has paid for itself MANY times over for me. I tend to do a heavy amount of database work so probably not worth it if you are only doing light work with dbs. The git integration, separate “projects” with their own defined db connections, mounting of folders directly into the IDE, and code completion are the features I find most useful (but there are a TON of others that all lend themselves towards making database development much smoother).

Lucidchart for diagramming - typically for db structures. I’m not in love with this tool but we use it for a lot of different things at our company. One nice feature is that you can use their Entity Relationships tool to import and auto build database diagrams (does have limitations though if you have more complex db structures with FKs, virtual columns, etc).

OPCExpert useful tools to troubleshooting OPC connection and very useful for OPCDA.

DrawIO useful tools for drawing which has amazing shapes and can be converted to SVG and embedded in ignition.

Postman useful tools to test APIs.

wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level .

Your control system needs a wiki.
Zim is a wiki style note taking app that uses links and tags to constuct a web of information. Notes developed in ZIM can be exported as HTML and used to create a website.

Blegh. Not a fan of wikis.