Netlink adapter for S7-300

Hey All,
Has anyone attempted to use the current Siemens OPC driver from Ignition and the Netlink Profibus to ethernet product from Helmholz to connect to S7-300 CPU’s. This looks like a very good solution for data collection from Siemens processors without an ethernet interface.,80_92_93.html?p_id=84

Hi jac,

we have used these with ignition without any issues with S7-300 type plc’s.

One thing to note though is that you have to be carefull with amount of connections used.

i.e. in the Hardware configuration online view one can view the amount of connections allocated and used. If there is no free connections available then it wont work.

The netlink adapter uses the connection named “Other”

Hope this answers your question.
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Has any one created a step by stem instructions for this.


Does is work with every S7 300 /400 with out an Ethernet port?