Nightly 8.1 Changelogs - 2022

Weekly Changelog: 8.1.18-b20220510


5841: Perspective Vessel: Liquid fill level not reaching actual fill line
On upgrade and startup Ignition would sometimes fail to update Perspective’s SVG libraries over previous versions; this has been fixed. This bug caused the Vessel Symbol Component’s water level to appear incorrect as an older version of the symbol SVG libraries were retained.

1737: Alarm Tables: better strategy to reduce network payload, move more filtering to Gateway
For the Alarm Journal Table and Alarm Status Table, move all filtering (i.e. state, priority, etc.), with the exception of text filtering which must currently be done on the front-end to support paging and sorting, to the Gateway. A strategy employed to reduce the size of alarm event payloads being received and handled by the client, in order to improve performance and browser memory usage.

5721: Alarm Tables: filtered data objects contain an empty-string key
Prevent empty associated data keys from breaking the Alarm Journal Table and Alarm Status Table’s selection feature due to the fact that they are invalid keys ("").

5778: Responsive Alarm Status Table displays “Select” column in card
Remove the “select” label being displayed when the rows of the Alarm Status Table are in responsive layout.

5164: Alarm Status Table & Alarm Journal Table: Add option to display filter text field without interacting with icon
Add toggleableFilter prop to the toolbar configuration of the Alarm Status Table and Alarm Journal Table. When false, the text filter is always open.

3037: Alarm Journal and Status Table: Add manual refresh capability to component
Adds a refreshData script callable method to the Alarm Journal Table and Alarm Status Table, that requests that the data of the tables be refreshed. Useful when the value of refreshRate is large enough that the data does not update within a reasonable time frame.

Data Model

5968: Tag Editor does not render UDT Instance properties correctly when parent overrides parameter binding with a string
UDT properties that override bound values with static values are not displayed correctly in the tag editor.


2842: LogixDriver device’s tags update when Trial is expired
Prevent read and writes on Logix driver tags after trial has expired.

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