Nightly Changelog: 8.0.0-beta.20181115-0221

Here is a partial list of changes that have been incorporated in the last few night’s releases (since build version b2018111202).

Platform - Gateway

11456: Upgraded Jython to 2.7.1 to address import fixes and more

11404: Additional fixes to Tags gateway status page to improve accuracy of tag system status

11383 Improved handling of various folder conditions during tag conversion

11404: Fixed bug of tag groups not appearing on gw status page.

Also fixes provider log tab to only display logs from the specified provider, as well as adding MDC tagging to TagProvider log messages.

Improvements in how tag property editing works/support editing alarm properties across multiple tags

Platform - Designer

10906: Added “Trial Expired” overlay to components with OPC bindings when trial is expired

Alarm Notification

11512 Fixed alarm definition import containing properties from the alarm notification module


11035: XY Chart Fails To Display Tag History

XY Chart wasn’t able to parse certain date strings. Added inputFormat to axes prop to allow user to specify their own date formats if XY Chart isn’t able to parse. Set default date format to match date format from tag history. Updated JSON schema to reduce duplication of axis.

10763: Fixed infinite swapping between two views when multiselecting

11252: Perspective works in Chrome on iOS devices

11570: Fix issue of perspective components such as menu tree missing css in some conditions.


11343: Upgrader v12 tweaks and improvements

Remove deprecated flags on v12 upgrade & fix line endings in startup scripts

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