No Page Startup Event in 8.0.17

I recently upgraded our Ignition Instance from 8.0.14 to 8.0.17.

I was hoping I'd be able to use the Page Startup Session Event to do some tracking of which pages get visited the most.

Kind of like this:

Is there no page startup event in 8.0.17? Does it only exist in 8.0.16?

It looks like this event wasn’t added until 8.1.0.

Ah, I linked the wrong Forum post.

This one references 8.0.16. But it could be a mistake.

why upgrade but not to the lastest version? or did i miss something and is 8.0.x not compatibale with 8.1.x

I think it must be a mistake. In our issue tracker it's got 8.1.0 set as the release version and the commit history seems to indicate the same.

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8.1 is not supported with the same license. Would have to pay to upgrade.

Thanks Kevin!

So you upgraded to a non-long-term version without planning to upgrade after its (very short) life? That's on you.

That's not a particularly helpful comment, is it?

I was just replying to Victor's question about why we hadn't upgraded to 8.1. I never claimed it wasn't "on us."

ah alright, didnt know, im not the one handling licenses here xd

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