Not able to launch Ignition designer

Hello. The designer in ignition is not launching after repeated attempts. I tried various solutions reffering to previous threads. I am using a windows OS. Please can someone provide me a step-by-step solution as my work is stuck because of this. Kindly help me urgently. It shows the following error.Capture

What version of Ignition are you using and are you working remotely to the Ignition service?

I am using ignition 8.0. I didn’t understand the latter part of your question. Let me give you a background as to how I am using it. It’s a part of my training as I have been selected in a company which uses it. I am doing it to train myself for the future role. Doing it on my laptop as a practice. If you can help me please do. It will be appreciated

Did you install Ignition on your laptop or is it installed on a remote server?

I have installed it on my laptop

What happens if you switch the Gateway Address in use to localhost:8088?

Still the same error.

And are you positive the Gateway is running? What happens if you attempt to access localhost:8088 in a browser?

Yes it works. If I paste the localhost:8088 in another tab or browser it works.

I am lead to this page after which I am able to access other features normally. Only the designer is not working.

What @cmallonee was referring to was the address in the designer launcher.

In your original post it shows a designer configured to the following:

You need to update that address to http://localhost:8088.

Yes after he mentioned, I changed it and still no change. It shows the same error

Capture 3
Here you go

From the gateway webpage, goto the Status tab and tell us what version of Ignition you are using.
You previously stated 8.0 but the full build will be helpful in diagnosing your issue.

Yeah here you go

Are there any errors in the gateway logs? Status -> Diagnostics -> Logs.
Or a launch-error.log file in %USERPROFILE/.ignition/?

this error

That’s not related to not being able to log in.
Any launch-error.log files?

I don’t think this is the one to but just showing you all that I know off. There are a few warnings in the log section.

launch-error.log is an actual file located in the Ignition directory structure. I think it’s directly in the logs directory, so something like Ignition/logs/launch-errors.log.