NoteChart Module v2 with Reporting

Automation Professionals is pleased to announce a release candidate for its NoteChart Module, now with support for annotations on charts in the Reporting module. This module determines if either Vision or Reporting is installed (or both) and adds its components to the corresponding designer palettes. The new ReportNoteChart component functions like the native Timeseries Chart, but with the data key property and other properties needed to display timestamped annotations.

Documentation is here.

Module for Ignition v8.1 only: NoteChart-

Designer looks like this:

and this:

and this:

This is a major version upgrade. Pricing will change to $500 when the release candidate becomes an official release. If you are a current user, review our upgrade policy here.


A quick-and-dirty test report is available here.

You will need to set up tag history on the gateway performance system tags for CPU and Memory utilization. Or tweak the sample report to look at some other trends.

Slight update to fix gateway loading when reporting is not present. Also makes mode bindable in Vision. And makes Maker-compatible (though not sure that matters).



ReportNoteChart bugfix for refactored Report charting.

For Ignition v8.1.28+: v2.1.0.233001603

Continue using v2.0.1 for Ignition versions from v8.1.0 to v8.1.27.

Further fix for v8.1.28+, and a fix for v8.1.0 - v8.1.27.

For Ignition v8.1.28+: v2.1.1.233031633

For Ignition v8.1.x, x<=27: v2.0.2.233031714

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Phil, I installed the NoteChart module and I can't seem to find it in the designer when I am in Reporting mode...see the attached screenshots. You can see I have the components in the designer for vision, but not reporting.

Hmm. Restart your designer and look at its console log for any suspicious exceptions.

Also, did you choose the correct module file for the version of Ignition? The break between v8.1.28+ and prior is entirely related to the Reporting module--use the wrong module file and ReportNoteChart will be broken.

Edit: No, I see it too.

Copy and paste error on the last releases dropped ReportNoteChart from the designer palette. Fixed:

For Ignition v8.1.28+: v2.1.2.233041419

For Ignition v8.1.x, x≤27: v2.0.3.233041427


Yep, got it working now. Thank you.

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