Nvidia Xavier NX + Ignition Maker + Deepstream5 + MetaData + Python

Here is a video Using the Nvidia Xavier NX to send Deepstream5 MetaData to Ignition maker using MQTT sparkplug, while streaming a webcam running Deepstream5 over RTSP all in Python.
There is Git Hub link in video description with instructions
to try it yourself.

Good Luck


Have you tested Ignition marker on board the NVIDIA Jetson ? or Ignition is outside ?

I have run ignition maker on the Xavier NX and the Nano

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thanks for the feedback !
Have you launched a perspective client connected to the Ignition hosted by the Xavier NX ?

I believe in one of the videos I am running the perspective app on the my I phone.


If you go to my U tube page there are quite a few videos on ignition maker and Nvidia nano and Xavier NX
plus there is links in some videos to my github repo with code and instructions


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