Offline support for Perspective?

One of our clients wants to be able to use Perspective for manual data entry where there may be spotty or no connection intermittently on their mobile devices, and thus we need some way to store changes the user makes until the connection returns and is stable and then forward these changes to the database. (Edited for clarity)

Is this sort of functionality possible in any Perspective versions at the moment? I found an old thread from 2018 about how this was planned functionality, but couldn’t find much else about offline support in the docs or elsewhere in the forums.

Thank you!

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Ignition edge ?

Have ignition edge on a server at their location and it will store and forward the data. I’m not sure on the limitations of edge I.e if it can sync a project or if it will need its own project.

The offline support originally mentioned has not yet been implemented (we’ve seen less demand than anticipated) but as far as I know is still planned.

EDIT: Although a colleague pointed out - there is actually already offline collection (and eventual synchronization) of device-specific data like GPS, accelerometer, barcodes, etc.