One-off little machine counters into Ignition

I have a limit switch that I want to get the count of trips into Ignition on a couple machines.

I supply it power from a 15amp 120vac circuit.

What would be good affordable way to get the data to my gateway?

Is the only best choice, to run the input to an io card that is already connected? (conduit and programming)

Or is there a kind of wireless bridge device that is only $100 that is recommendable?

I would consider the update/speed at which the switch switches. Personally I would wire to an input of a PLC and use a counter or other means to increment count, then send that value to tag history. If you miss counts you are still covered by accumulated value.

Then use something like this, Tag history difference over interval - #2 by jlandwerlen

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Check out the Moxa E1200 etc series. You’ll need an interposing relay.

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Any of the micro PLCs would do the job. I’m most familiar with Siemens LOGO! which have Ethernet ports and, as far as I know, can be accessed using the S7 OPC drive (but check this). You get the advantage of DIN rail mount, industrial grade hardware with a small footprint and price. The PLC can then debounce your signal, count the number of trips in retentive memory, extend a pulse, or anything else you can think of. Most of these devices come with EscOK buttons and an LCD and simple programs can be entered without external software.
A-B, Mitsubishi, etc., make similar devices.
The PLC counter means that you don’t have to do silly stuff in Ignition to keep track of the count. A simple tag read gives it to you even if the network was down or the gateway stopped.

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Some of the Advantech Modbus products can count for you on any input, reading the value on a holding register.