OPC DA 2.0 Multidimensional Arrays

We are using the OPC COM Tunneler to access tags in an OPC DA 2.0 server. One of the tags we need to access is, according the the device vendor, a two dimensional array. It appears the OPC COM Tunneler cannot read this tag. I have done some research and I can’t seem to locate any client that can read OPC DA two dimensional arrays. In most cases, the documentation mentions a limitation on element coercion definition. Can anyone (maybe K Herron?) shed some light on this and/or point in the direction of client that can read a two dimensional array?

You might try a different tunneler, such as this one: https://www.unified-automation.com/products/wrapper-and-proxy/uagateway.html

I have very little OPC Classic experience so I’m not sure I can be much more help.

If needed, could @Colby.Clegg help or know more?

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