OPC UA - new tags not showing up all the time in Designer

I have a Perspective project that has a lot (44k) tags gathered from several different OPC UA devices. There are 5 different Control/GuardLogix processors configured. Their configuration is shown below and is consistent with exception of the names, IP address, and slot.

We have found that when adding new tags to the processor that the new tags do not always show up in Designer’s tag tree. Perhaps we haven’t always waited long enough, but it doesn’t seem to happen in a reasonable amount of time. Restarting the Gateway or disabling/enabling the device connection will find the tags, but simply refreshing the tags in designer will not. As you can see we have the Automatic Rebrowse option selected. This problem seems somewhat intermittent and may be more problematic when downloading new programs to the processor where the tags were added offline instead of adding them while the processor was online, though I can’t say for sure that is 100% true all the time. I do know multiple people have reported the issue and I have seen it myself.

Are there any known issues with update time to detect new tags? Do tags (or updated UDTs in Logix) update differently if they were added while offline in the PLC and downloaded? We are using v32 of Logix and v8.0.10 in Perspective.

Next time you notice this happening turn the logger “drivers.LogixDriver.Requests.ReadBrowseHashRequest” to TRACE level and then collect the logs for us after a minute or so. Make note of the name of the device this is happening with.

Every time I’ve seen this so far it’s been because the PLC isn’t changing any of the attributes that indicate a re-browse needs to occur. Seems like a problem with certain firmware versions.

I have the logs - the Device name is showing up with the trace. I will send you the logs in a separate message

Yep, that request is still going, so the only thing I can conclude is that the browse hash isn’t changing. Not sure there’s anything we can do in Ignition when this happens.

Instead of rebooting the gateway or disabling the device, you can just save the device (without any changes) in the gateway webpage and it will reload it.


I realize now the data I sent was only including the hash from AFTER the issue, not before - so it wouldn’t have showed if the hash changed or not. I didn’t think about what we were really trying to capture - my bad! Also, I assume the hash is the info in parentheses?

I was trying to recreate the issue this morning with the trace continuously running and while it worked every time adding tags (I saw the hash change and the tag showed up in the OPC browser in Designer) it did not work on several instances when tags were deleted from Logix. In these cases I saw the “a1” value change, but the tags remained in the OPC browser. Is this the same issue or is there some difference with deleting tags? Note: the “a1” value is the same thing I saw change when tags were added successfully.

Hmm, not sure if there’s an issue deleting tags. We’ll have to try and reproduce that here. Did you right-click and refresh in the OPC browser after it was deleted?

FWIW I’ve seen this as well with Version 32 of L81Es and L81ESs as well. Probably V30 as well but I can’t verify that at the moment.

What specific firmware do you have on your PLC’s? We’ve not successfully found a god solution to keep this from happening, just re-saving the connection like @nminchin has suggested.

Currently a job in house has a mix of L81E and L81ES all at V32 with sporadic issues.

@Kevin.Herron if we see this again I’ll set that logger to TRACE and see if I can capture anything good.

I definitely saw the issue on two different L82ES with v32 FW. I was trying to replicate on a L82E (not safety) and couldn’t get it to happen today, but the issue is intermittent on the L82ES as well so that doesn’t mean its not an issue on that processor.

I’ve got 4 PLC’s in the office right now that I know for sure it has happened on at least two of them. And L81E and L81ES.

I’ve got some time this afternoon I can try and duplicate the issue and see what I can do

If you guys are going to be reproducing set the loggers for LogixBrowse and LogixBrowseStateManager to TRACE also. Make sure all 3 loggers are on before you start making program changes.

The goal here is to verify that sometimes a change in the program doesn’t result in a change in the browse hash (or that it does and a re-browse doesn’t occur for some reason… or that a re-browse happens but the controller doesn’t tell us about the new tag anyway).

This worked for me. Went to the gateway -> Config -> OPC UA -> Device Connections -> Edit the Device of type Allen-Bradley Logix Driver -> Make no changes and save -> Rebrowse in project and new tags start appearing.

PLC Info:

Vendor: Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley
Type: 5069-L310ER CompactLogix 5380 Controller
Revision: 30.014

Ignition Gateawy: 8.0.16
CPU is heavily loaded but not overloaded in my opinion if that makes a difference.

It seems to me that if I Refresh the OPC browser it should be the same as saving the OPC-UA connection with no changes…

I set LogixBrowse and LogixBrowseStateManager to TRACE but I can’t seem to repeat the error.

Just keeping this alive.
Ignition 8.1.20
I am having the same issues with my new tags not showing up in designer / not able to be reached even when I type the address in manually.
Rocking a Allen Bradkey L72 - 5570 - V32.011

The suggestion to make no change and save your OPC connection in the gateway overcomes the issue, but obviously that not ideal. (Life saver though so thank you)

We are not overloaded in any way running at around 20%

I have been having this issue the last few days but saving the OPC connection didn't fix it for us. I even tried deleting the connection and making a new one with still no luck. What I did to fix it was to manually force the tag browser to know that OPC tag path was there. I was trying to get a Boolean tag to show up so I exported a Boolean tag that was already in the PLC. I then opened the json file and changed the opcItemPath and name to what my new tag was then imported the tag back into my tag browser.


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