OPC-UA Server connection refused

I’m currently having issues when I try to connection the Ignition’s OPC-UA Server via its IP address.

If I use opc.tcp:// or opc.tcp://localhost:62541/discovery, it works no problem. The moment I try to connect from another server with its IP opc.tcp://, I get a connection refused error (UaException: status=Bad_ConnectionRejected, message=io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information: /

Using another Ignition for debugging purpose due to the better feedback dialog

Some information that can help on the debug:
Running Ignition version 8.0.15 (b2020072213)
OPC-UA Server Settings (did a restart of the gateway and computer after changes)

Right now the server is configured to bind only to localhost.

Change the Bind Addresses setting to localhost,192,168.10.22 or

Set the Endpoint Addresses to <hostname>,<localhost>,

Then restart Ignition.

Thanks for the quick answer. That did the trick!