Open popup at bottom right corner of the window


I like to open the popup at bottom right corner of the window

how to do that

i have tired like this

window = system.nav.openWindow('Common/Feedback')

but its throwing error

The user manual system.nav page doesn't list a function bottomRightWindow. Did you just make it up in hope or am I missing something?

Yes its not mentioned

I just tired

Is there any way to do that?

window = system.nav.openWindow('Common/Feedback')
window.setLocation(200, 50)

Set Location depends upon the screen resolution right?

I tired it showing in Left top corner

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From your script got the resolution

resolution: 1920 x 1080
dpi: 96
scaleX: 1.0
scaleY: 1.0

how to identify the left bottom corner position?

This assumes that your window is full screen, which I do not feel is correct. You need to get your parent window size. To position a popup on the left side of the parent window, your x coordinate is going to be 0. To position a popup at the bottom of the parent window, your y coordinate will be the height of the parent window minus the height of the popup window.

The code will need to look something like this:

parentWindow = system.gui.getParentWindow(event)
popup = system.nav.openWindow('Popup')
x = 0
y = parentWindow.height - popup.height
popup.setLocation(x, y)

Edit: I should note that height is an absolute property that is measured in pixels. Therefore, there shouldn't be any need to consider screen resolution; it will already be accounted for.


Is there any way to run this script in vision client timer?

when used in vision client timer - throwing error parentWindow = system.gui.getParentWindow(event)

It should work just fine from a timer. What event handler was used? How was the script qualified? What was the error?

Probably no event. This would work best in the internalFrameActivated event of the popup, IMO.

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Yes jordan is correct... there is no event error

i found a alternative


using this i can get the open window

but one issue is it's fetching all the windows(popup too) - i need to filter that's the trick

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You could do something like:

for window in system.gui.getOpenedWindows():
     if == 'yourWindowName':
          parentWindow = window

...but if you are doing it from the internalFrameOpened event handler of the popup, it doesn't seem appropriate to assume that the popup was launched from is nested in a specific window. If I remember correctly, you can use swing utilities to get the window the popup was launched from is nested in. The script would look like this:

from javax.swing import JFrame, SwingUtilities
popup = event.source
parentWindow = SwingUtilities.getAncestorOfClass(JFrame, popup)
x = 0
y = parentWindow.height - popup.height
popup.setLocation(x, y)
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no i am writing the script in vision client timer

No, SwingUtilities has no insight into the call chain. It follows the component hierarchy. Windows belong to a desktop.

I could have swore I had used this approach in other scenarios with success. To confirm, I set up a test, and the script worked as expected with the popup appearing in the lower left of the parent window: I assume the issue with my statement is semantical. I should have said the window the popup is nested in instead of launched from? ...or is there some other concept I need to learn to frame this correctly?

Yes, a popup can be launched into a different desktop by a script. You won't have any information about the caller, just where the desktop opened.

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