Output Console not Opening in Designer

Recently updated the gateway to Ignition 7.9.8 and ever since there have been issues opening the console. I’ve tried selecting Tools>Console and using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+c, but the console won’t appear. I’ve looked to see if it’s docked or behind windows, but I can’t seem to find it. I’ve also closed and reopened the designer, but the console still won’t show. Every now and then, the console will open, but will eventually go back to not opening. I’m wondering what is going on here or how to get the console to appear.


Try View -> Reset Panels on the menubar. It’s possible the console got cached to an offscreen location.

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Same issue here. Same version. No output console. Reset panels doesn’t help. Selecting output console checkbox doesn’t work

I tried resetting the panels, but the console still did not show.

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problem still exists in 8.0.9 :frowning:

This issue is still happening with 8.1.0.

I found a fix for the output console not displaying.
Close all ignition running designers.
Delete your .ignition folder within c:/Users//.ignition.
Relaunch the designer and it will rebuild your cache.
I opened my designer, it has the default view, I selected output console and it showed up as pop-up.
Back in business.

In v8.1.3, I found that just deleting the “windows.layout” file from the .ignition folder was enough to reset my console window. (C:\Users\{current-user}\.ignition\windows.layout).