Pass multiple parameters in the URL

I am wondering is there a way to pass multiple parameters in the URL when navigating.
Currently I have it working with one which is shown in the image below.
params_da is the paramter I am passing the value into and this works.
Is there a way to pass more.

You should probably not be attempting to pass parameters through the URL…

We do have other options for passing parameters, including the Perspective Property Editor (On an open View for which you’d like to specify parameters, click the named View node - not the root node - and look for PARAMS in the Property Editor), and the system.perspective.navigate() function in the Script Action.

Both of these options allow for a massive set of parameters to be supplied to any View.

I want to pass a single view two parameters, to dynamically generate the content on page load, based on the URL. Like http://localhost:8088/data/perspective/client/LineTemplate?Device=Line&Number=3 How can I do this?

If Device and Number are “params” properties on the view, then you could configure some parameters on the page: Take a look at the table on the bottom of this page.

You would configure the page URL to look something like /LineTemplate/:Device/:Number

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