Pdf orientation

In both landscape and portrait orientations of pdfs, The viewer will only give me a portrait view.
How can I get a wideview?

What are you using to view the pdf?

Using the PDF Viewer, I have imported landscaped documents and they display as landscaped.

I’ve tried the pdfill editor and also tried to modify the pdf plot from autocad.
I can’t get this to work. I have the pdfs and the pfls I have tried if someone wants to take a look.

If you want to upload them or email them to support@inductiveautomation.com you can.

Keep in mind

inductiveautomation.com/support/ … viewer.htm

Greg, are we talking about pdfs published from within AutoCAD, or plotted through Adobe or PDFCreator or whatever can be used as a printer/plotter?

The quote I used is from the users manual where it says the PDF viewer has trouble displaying PDFs made with AutoCAD.

The only way that you’re going to be able to display your pdf in a landscape format is by using the ActiveX Adobe PDF Viewer. One setback going this route is it will require you to use 32 bit Ignition and 32 bit Java. I have confirmed that your pdf does display properly, in a landscape format, using this component.

If I have a 64bit installation on my server and am launching clients from 32 bit machines, is this the same or do I need a 32bit installation to enable this feature?
Are there plans for this feature to be available in a future Ignition release for 64x?

It should run fine on the 32 bit clients. The Adobe AcriveX control is just buggy on the 64 bit systems. We ran a test on it this morning and found that you can add the component to the project on a 64 bit machine, however, you probably wont see the file in the designer or the client. If you run a 32 bit client you should see it. I do not have a date as to when this will be fixed. Keep in mind the information from the users manual also:

[quote]ActiveX Module
There is a free module available for separate download from our website that adds an ActiveX palette to the Vision module. This lets you use ActiveX controls in your windows. This module comes with some caveats, however. [color=#FF0040]ActiveX doesn’t play all that gracefully with Ignition[/color], because it is written in Java. ActiveX controls will only work on Windows. They also draw themselves “on top of” the entire Vision client application. This means that nothing can overlap them, not even other windows or dropdown menus. Because of these technical limitations,[color=#FF0040] this module is provided as-is, with limited technical support[/color]. These details aside, the ActiveX component can be a great way to integrate a full-fledged PDF viewer or web-browser into your Ignition Vision application.[/quote]

How about lauching adobe from ignition so I can view my Cad drawings in 64 bit Ignition as a temporary fix …Possible?

You can use the system.util.execute() function to execute commands via the operating system, including launching outside applications. You’ll just have to get the syntax right, which can be tricky sometimes. Check out the user manual for a simple example: inductiveautomation.com/support/ … xecute.htm

I installed 32bit Ignition and tried to view my landscaped pdf. No success, Can I send my pdf to you and we can see if you can get it to work?

Can you see it in the client/runtime?

it is portrait view in the designer and in the client view.

either email it to support@inductiveautomation.com or attach it to this thread

Has anyone ever looked into using javabeans for adobe application in the pdf viewer?
I’m reading about it now and wondering what the current pdf viewer is.

I will email you the screen shot that I took. I didnt make any changes to the pdf, all I did was import it into 32 bit ignition and displayed it with the ActiveX pdf viewer and it displayed as a landscape.

I was still using the plain pdf viewer…
I didn’t realize I needed an extra module.
I don’t think I can rationalize restricting Ignition to 32bit for the sole purpose of a landscaped pdf…
Has anyone explored other options for 64 bit Ignition that would allow me to upload CAD drawings?
I’ve used PrimoPDF, PDFill… I’m considering using screenshots of the drawings…
JavaBeans seems promising… Could I script a adobe container into Ignition?

You do need an additional module. The ActiveX module is free to download and use.

I am using the activex adobe pdf viewer and launching a 32bit windows 7 client.
Of coarse, I cant see the pdf in the designer, but it does display all of my multipage drawings in the client.
However, the problem I am having is that when I open the window the viewer is in, It does not seem to access the path to open the document until the second time I open the window… I think I had some issue with this happening for template paths a couple Ignition patches ago. Could this need to be fixed for the pdf filepath as well?