Perspective Automated Testing Tools

The libraries announced during ICC 2023 reside here: GitHub - inductiveautomation/ignition-automation-tools

Please note that these are a tool we are providing and are not an Ignition product. As such, questions regarding their use or issues encountered while using them are not something the Inductive Automation Support team will be able to assist you with. These questions or issues can either be raised directly in Pull Requests or message within GitHub, or posted here in the forums.


any chance we can also get your ICC 2023 session video?


There's several ways to get the information I covered during that session:

  1. Your ICC registration included access to livestream content. The livestreams were recorded and are still available using the same livestream link.
  2. The sessions eventually get added to the Session Archive. I've been told that usually happens at the end of the year or early the following year. I have no control or insight into this process, so I can't give you a better estimate into when it will happen.
  3. You can ask questions here (in a new thread). I try to stay active on the forums and will get back to you as soon as I can.
  4. I think I can share my slide deck within a message, but I'd need to talk to the ICC team and see if there's some legal reason it might be restricted/time-gated as part of ICC content.

Edit: I forgot the archive link.