Perspective: Binding efficiency between using Expression and Indirect Tag + Expression tranform


What’s more efficient and more performant for bindings:

  1. Using an expression binding for example: toBoolean(tag('tag/path/' + {parameterX}))
  2. Using an indirect tag binding and then applying an expression transform, e.g.:
    a)tag indirect binding: tag/path/{1}, {1} => {parameterX}
    b)expression transform: toBoolean({value})

I’ll channel my inner pturmel and say don’t use the tag function. It’s better to create an indirect binding. If you need more than one tag in an expression binding you’re better off creating indirect bindings on custom properties and using those instead.

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I knew Phil would most likely say that :laughing: I guess I wondered if it’s still the most efficient in Perspective as well

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My answer is a little more nuanced in Perspective if using structure bindings:

Otherwise, yes, use indirect bindings.

Please take a look at my new post, " Perspective property binding with expression transform behaves differently than equivalent expression"

I could use your input. Thanks.