Perspective Component: PowerChart (Persistence & tagBrowserStartPath)

Perspective PowerChart component:

1.) Persistency: Is there any method by which a Perspective client using a PowerChart can save their configuration during runtime? There doesn’t appear to be any way to do this “out of the box” and as a result, after a user has configured the chart, any refresh of the browser will cause the configuration to be lost and the user has to reconfigure again.

2.) PowerChart Component Property: tagBrowserStartPath

The manual says that you can preconfigure the tagBrowserStartPath by using the following syntax. histprov:Sample_SQLite_Database:/drv:myDriver:sample_tags:/tag:realistic1

Does anyone in the forum have some insight into the Component w.r.t. above?

  1. There’s nothing exposed, but chart configuration is readily available as JSON in the property tree to scripting - and most DBs support JSON readily, either through text columns or dedicated JSON types.

  2. histprov:Sample_SQLite_Database:/drv:myDriver:sample_tags:/tag:realistic1histprov:Sample_SQLite_Database:/drv:myDriver:sample_tags:/tag:realistic1
    Can be broken down as:
    Hopefully that helps? That syntax is…opaque, to be charitable.

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Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

  1. Forgive me, but I may not be following how you would propose the implementation of this “Save Current Trend Config” for the user on the web. After the user has made their configuration during a session, how would you access the JSON config for the Power Chart? I assume you would get the session version of the JSON config from current client’s Power Chart component and then save JSON to users desktop (as an option). Then the user would need to load the JSON back up when/if they wanted to reload their trend configuration later? This whole interface would need to be built around the Power Chart? (Are there plans to add this capability to this Component?)

  2. :grinning: Your “histprov:${databaseName}:/drv:${gatewayName}:${tagProvider}:/tag:${pathToTag}” is a great way to break it down. The {gatewayName} was the big missing link for me.

BTW: :writing_hand:Is there a way that you can add an Array of these tagBrowserStartPath(s), so you can show a number of specific tag paths in the Power Chart?

thanks, Chris


Someone by the name of Ed pointed me to the Exchange where there is a Power Chart “Ad Hoc” version with Configuration Save feature. It’s very well done (at least a lot better than I could have done. Perhaps you know of this already, but just in case I thought I would include it in this thread for other readers as well. (


No, but that's an interesting feature idea - maybe put it up on the ideas portal?

is there a way to filter our some of the folders in the path? for example, I want to filter out the folders "90ct" and "b03"