User Friendly Tag History Graph

I appreciate the efforts that have been put into the Perspective PowerChart. It does make graphing tag history data much easier than any other chart component.
I am running into a bit of a usability snag with it thought that I am hoping someone can help me with.
Here is the scenario I have a tag folder with contains seven instances of my VFD udt. Each VFD has tag history set up on 6 different tags (feedback from the drive, current, voltage, rpm. etc.).
I would like to create an easy to use chart for my end user that will allow them to pick from any of the historical tag that exits and make a chart of them. As it currently stands all they are able to see in the tree is seven generic VFD1-VFD 7 folders all with the same 6 feedback tags. No way for them to know which VFD is which. Any thoughts on how to create a better experience for my users?

What would you rather these be described as?
What you can do it create your own tag selection tool, for example a list component or a tree view, that display these how you want. Maybe you have a description parameter attached to all your UDTs that you want to display instead, you could do that and maybe have a button to switch back to the actual name.
However, this isn’t something that you can do with the standard out of the box solution provided

The easiest way to do this the make a manual folders structure in tags provider and keep using a power chart.

Create your structure with understandable names if needed, build this structure under a specific main folder. In my case I called it “historicalTags”


Then all tags inside must be a reference of your current opc tags, maybe expression or reference tags. You must activate history for these new tags.

Finally use the property tagBrowserStartPath at power chart to create the filter. Read how to create the path in Perspective - Power Chart - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (, and look for config section. Ones it’s ready, you will be able to see your structure in power chart component and get benefit of all its features.

This is what I’m working on at the moment as I’m in a similar boat. Very much still a WIP, but the concept is there.


I like the way this looks. I am working towards something along these lines myself.

Maybe a good one for the ICC2021 eXchange challenge!

1. Eligibility.

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That rules me out :confused:
There must be some legal reason they can't accept entries from other countries, or maybe it's just too much work to satisfy all the different countries' requirements :man_shrugging:
I've always wanted to know the reason

oh no, i didn’t see that! :frowning:

I’ve had the confirmation by IA that you can post your resources, whatever country you live in. The rules was for last year contest; this year is more open and flexible. Ask your local distributor :wink:

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Cool :slight_smile: thanks for the info


I've been looking for ways to make an user friendly way to selects the tags I have to show on a power chart.

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Possible get more modern looking charts?

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Probably you are/were working on a solution like the last post. To be able to get some better looking filters you have to setup dropdown list plus some scripting to get those pens to the power chart.

You have thousands of tags! That's a lot!