Perspective: Create View component property bindings via script?

Is it possible to create View component property bindings via script?
I have a whole stack of views that I want to add into a Map component’s layers.ui.view that need bindings to the map’s current zoom level. I refuse to do this manually :slight_smile:
If not possible via designer scripting methods (which I’m fairly sure it isn’t), then i’ll edit the json of the View itself instead.

If not possible though via a scripting method, could this be added as a feature? Not required (for me) in runtime, just in designer

No, not currently. You could write out the entire JSON structure for your view and Shift + Right Click it into place in the Designer - for a one-off, that’s probably the best method.

I’m literally in the same boat. I have a script that creates an array of markers under layers.ui.marker
but all these markers need the same bindings. So I am guessing the best is to just add more logic to the initial script that creates the array of markers, but that will only get you so far.

For now, we have to either edit the underlying json resource (the file itself), or as Paul said, use the shift+click method to overwrite the json from within the designer