Perspective graphics lacking

Is it just me, or are the graphics for Perspective a little cheesy, and lacking?
Our customer wanted perspective screens made for his project, but was highly disappointed in the simplicity of the screens.

Getting the data on the screens is easy, but there are still a lot of customers out there who want the screens to be pretty as well as functional. Why aren’t there more types of valves or meters that can be used. Also, there is no piping.
I know the screen space is minimal, but we should still have the option to make it as pretty, or productive, as our customers ask.

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What version of Ignition are you on? There is most definitely piping.

I will agree that I am not a big fan of the provided first party graphics. I tend to use my own SVGs to get the look an feel that I want. However, HPHMI would say that simplistic, non-distracting graphics are better, and I think that the simple perspective components provided do a pretty good job of trying to stay in that area.

As far as pretty, I would say anything is possible with enough work:


You can always

  1. Make your own vector graphics in inkscape then import them in
  2. There are a lot of beautiful free commercial use vector graphics online you can download and import easily.
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The internal drawing tools are lacking at this point, but the ability to design incredible looking views is there now by doing as others have stated.

The only thing stopping you from making non-simplistic graphics is you.

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Now that know that it exists, I am happy. I Must have missed the memo on this addition. It seems quite awesome. Here is the link to the instructions that I found. Perspective Pipes - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

My customers will be very pleased.
thanks for all of the comments.

Have you seen this thread?
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I do prefer the simplistic approach. It is our customers who think that more is better. Either way, thanks for the tips.

While the customer pays the bills, in cases like this you should at least try to teach them that the world has moved on and that less is more nowadays with regards too HMIs

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We try, but some people just will not listen. They think you are either trying to get over on them, or are incompetent. No matter how busy the screens are, they still must look good. And as always, the customer is always right, and if you want to work with them in the future, you cannot piss them off today.

Have you seen some of the projects by @nader.chinichian and others?