Perspective: How to cache information between client sessions

EDIT: It isn’t currently possible in 8.0.3, as confirmed by support, however I’ve added an idea suggestion if anyone wants to upvote it.

I’ve asked this question before for the old Mobile Module: Ignition Mobile Fixed Client Identifier

I’m looking to do the same thing in Perspective. Is there a way to store cookies (or otherwise) on an end-user device so that I can re-use that data when they launch the client again?

I want to be able to cache user-logins so that users don’t need to log in all the time.

Is this possible?

looks like I posted about this twice…

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Is that the part I need so that when a user goes to a menu, the page can recall which submenus were expanded or retracted?

Only if you want it to remember across sessions (e.g. reconnecting across days). If not, then session props are fine for remembering stuff within the same session