Perspective popups don't scale

We are migrating a Vision project to Perspective, making sure it works on a range of screen sizes. This works OK when views are set to Percent. However, we have found that popups do not scale.

Is there any way of making popups scale or are we going to have to create our own popups using a full-page view with a container and make the background transparent as we used to do with Vision?

You may just be experiencing this bug:
[Bug-5869] Popup Resize Broken in 8.1.16 - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

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We are using 8.1.10 so haven’t come across this regression yet! Our issue is with the built-in popups, rather than implementing popups using a flex container (which we may have to do if it’s not possible to make the built-in popups scale automatically).

As far as I can see that regression doesn’t seem to have been fixed in 8.1.17 either.

What is not scaling? the size of the popup or the content in the popup?

Neither the popup nor the contents scale, although you can get the text to scale if you use vw units.

Could you provide some screenshots of what you’re encountering, and perhaps a screenshot of what you’re expecting? Popups are working like I expect (aside from the aforementioned issue), so without seeing what your expectations are I can’t direct you in how to change your approach.

I’m just expecting popups to scale proportionally depending on the size of the screen. At the moment the popups and controls on them stay fixed, so if a system is displayed on a screen with a larger resolution the popup looks too small and if displayed on a screen with a smaller resolution it looks too big.

Other views work and scale correctly as long as they are set to ‘Percent’.

Ah, no the Popups don’t automatically scale, although you can specify dimensions from the side of the screen by specifying values for top, bottom, left, and right. If I supply a value of 20 for each of those, then the popup would always open with 20px of space between the popup and the edge of the viewport on each side.
Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 12.24.37 PM

But there is no supported avenue for opening the Popup to be 50% (for example) of the viewport’s width.