Perspective Power Chart Pen Table Height

When using the perspective power chart, is there any way to give the the pen table more room so that scroll bars don’t appear?

There are 4 pens but no matter how tall I make the view, it always makes me scroll down to see the 4th pen row in the table. I want to be able to see all of them and have no scroll bars.



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You’ll be able to resize the pen control area in 8.1.10.

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I am using Ignition 8.1.11 but I still can’t find the size property of the pen control area. I am able to change the size manually when I am in preview mode but it resets when I go back to design mode. Is it possible to change the standard size of the pen control area?

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with theme.css or injection

add this line will increase the max default height (default now is 150)


(injection example, no need to add any styleclasses)

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Thank you, that seems promising!
However, i can’t get the change in the theme.css to work. I have previously only change the colors in theme but I guess you do the same thing when you change an object attribute.
I have created a .css-file (“power-chart.css”) in my theme folder and added this code:

@import "../light/palette/index.css";

and I imports this file in my index file:

@import "./power-chart.css";

@import "./variables.css";
@import "../light/fonts.css";
@import "../light/globals.css";
@import "../light/app/index.css";
@import "../light/common/index.css";
@import "../light/designer/index.css";

Is this correct?

You should not edit the theme.css files directly but create a new theme that imports the light theme.
And use the new theme.

Changes in the css files might also require a restart of the server to reload them

Help please,

I was not able to make the solutions work.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

I tried to make my own .css theme as follow:
/* Imports */
@import "./light/index.css";


Selected TrdTheme in

Also tries css injection in style.

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