Perspective PowerChart hide "Data" section on Pen settings

The PowerChart is awesome, and the component has many valuable features we would like to utilize in our perspective project. However, there is a section exposed in the Pen settings named “Data” that prevents us from utilizing this component in our project:

Is there a way to hide the “Data” section I have highlighted above?

Thank you in advance.

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You may be able to hide it with CSS in a custom Theme, but otherwise there is no exposed way to hide this.

Good point, I did not think about this.

After inspecting the DOM, there is a specific id for the input field to the Tag Path section named ia_powerChartComponent__settings__addEditPen__dataSource.

I can implement a style rule for this id and set display: none, and have the section be “hidden”…

However, a client could easily remove or modify this style rule and gain access to this field. This is not ideal. The ideal situation would be to have the perspective component driving the DOM not include it at all, and not support any modifications to the source tag path for a pen once included in a chart.

Thanks again for your suggestion.

Also, not ideal but perhaps more workable for you particular situation, you can inject the CSS through a style class in the designer. Ultimately if your client is already digging through the custom theme files then they probably have designer access as well, and if they are determined enough could also change this, or even the component setup anyway, but it is an option. (subject to change at IA’s whim)

Basically you can create a style class and then in one of the fields, say the background image field you surround your injection with a closing brace and end it with an opening brace.

There are many examples of this on the forum, here is one: