Perspective Report Viewer Component Missing

Currently on 8.0.12 and some version of the 8.0.13 nightly.

Myself and one of my clients have experienced where the Perspective Report Viewer Component disappears from the component palette. I did not see any errors in the logs. I was able to copy and paste the component from another server/designer and it works properly.
I’m not sure how to reproduce.

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Have this issue. Can’t paste the component into my designer. Just get a black screen that says “ not found.”
Reinstalling perspective module did not fix.

@jpark, @danieltalbot, double-check that the Reporting module is installed and running. Because of reporting dependencies, that component lives withing that module.

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We are going trought the same issue. We hace version 8.0.12 and report module 5.0.12.
The Perspective Report Viewer Component disappears from the component palette. When we restart the reporting module it comes back again, but doesnt work properly (mainly we can’t set the source).

Can’t find a way to fix it

@anthony.urquizo, @jpark, @danieltalbot we have an active bug to fix the issue where it’s not possible to set the source after restarting the Reporting module. The fix should be soon.

For the issue of the component not being available in the designer… Can you verify (via logs) that the Reporting module has successfully started? If so, I’ll need to open a bug for that issue.

Here are the logs for a Restart of the Report Module.

Seems that the Report module does not complete the starting process.

Yep, that looks like the Reporting module restart bug. How your logs look after a full gateway restart? Can you verify that the Reporting module has started in that scenario?

Here are the logs after a full gateway restart.

All the gateway modules are listed as Starting

Thanks for reporting back. From those logs, we can verify that the Reporting module did start after the Perspective module, which is expected. There is a Reporting --> Perspective dependency which causes that. In this scenario, are you still seeing the Report Viewer absent in the designer?

Yes @jball, the Report Viewer component is still absent after the restart.

OK, I’ll open a bug to diagnose this. There appears to be a module life cycle issue here. Thanks for reporting, all.

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Same with the June 3, 2020 nightly, on a clean install. Had to open a 8.0.10 view with report viewer component and copy-paste.
The view is working but the component still not available in the component panel ;(

Is there any work around for this? Have been following this thread since we upgraded to 8.0.12 and report viewer went missing. Here are the logs.

@dtr019, unfortunately, no workaround at the moment. This issue still needs to be diagnosed; we didn’t hit it in testing during it’s initial release. The bug is scheduled to be worked in the current development sprint.

So can we expect this to fixed in 8.0.14/any expected timeline? Thank you.

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8.0.15 at the absolute earliest.

Hello there,
Any updates on that?

We’re actively working on including a fix for this in the upcoming 8.0.15 RC. Barring any serious setbacks, it’s likely to be fixed in 8.0.15 stable.

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Thanks, so, is there any planned date to release the stable version?

Probably the week of the 24th.

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