Perspective Text Field: prevent virtual keyboard popup on focus (mobile apps)

In a Perspective View I'm using a Text Input Field just to receive the data from a barcode scanner which emulates a keyboard. Is there a way to set the text field, so that when it gets focused the mobile device keyboard does not poup?

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Can you switch to using the barcode scanner input, rather than a text input box ?

Thanks for your suggestion, you are right. The only problem is the customer, who likes better a text field just in case the barcode reader doesn't work.

You could configure an event handler to set the focus on the text field:

EDIT: I just noticed that you specifically mention that you do not want the mobile keyboard to popup. I am not sure that Perspective has any features that would allow mobile keyboard suppression at this time. Mobile keyboard handling in Perspective seems to be slightly lacking when compared with most web dev type software at the moment.

This isn't currently possible with the text field component. In an upcoming version, when the Form component arrives, it should be possible to set inputmode='none'.

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Any guesstimate timeline on the form component? That way I can stop building form generators from scratch :slightly_smiling_face: