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Looking for some guidance. I understand from docs and forums that in perspective that all translations are managed by locale and through the global translation manager. In vision, this can be be also 'overriden' by the translatable terms list local to the item.

What I havent seen is a ways to get a list of all the texts on a perspective page that need to be added to the global translation manager (Bonus feature of the previous translatable terms panel). How is everyone doing this?
Scenario is I have an existing project that needs some extra languages adding - It would take hours to dig out every text box and go through every binding to copy them all across manually to the translation manager. Any tips? Hopefully I've not missed anything glaringly obvious!


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Hi Alex,

I would take a look at our user manual page Localization in Perspective. Is the Switching Languages within a Session in line with what you are trying to accomplish?

Morning @Gabriel_Hernandez!

Thanks for the reply - Sadly its not. I can switch the language fine, but I'm looking for a way on an existing project (Translation manager has no words/phrases in), to extract all the words that I need to translate.

In Vision I believe this is implemented as 'Translatable Terms', and (as I understand - Not used it personally) gives a list on a window/page of all the texts that require translation. Its this list I need to generate in perspective :slight_smile:

Hope thats a little clearer!
Thanks! :smiley:

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Thanks @victordcq!

Edit - Found the answer to my return question :smiling_face: