Perspective Touchscreen Long Press

We have an issue with longpress on buttons on touchscreen HMI using perspective. A copy Menu popsup ? we have disabled "right mouse" emulation under control panel "touch and pen" we want to use the buttons for jogging motors. Problem occurs on any button including navigation buttons.

Hi Matthew_Lynch,

Are you able to provide a screenshot of the issue? Just ran a quick test launching a Perspective client and this seems to be an expected behavior when you longpress on a button. Does it look like it's also highlighting the text and showing up as the opaque copy when you are longpressing and dragging the button across the screen?

I would highly recommend opening up a support ticket with us so that a Support Engineer can help you troubleshoot this further.

Has a solution been found to this? I am experiencing the same issue on a jog button. In Control Panel > Pen and Touch, "Press and Hold" has been disabled.

In the designer, and on a button you do not wish to be selectable, add the key value pair of "user-select: none" in the textStyle properties of the component. This should make text for that component no longer selectable.

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I'm curious to hear how you've set up your jog button. I hear it's fraught with all kinds of potential issues to try to jog equipment from an HMI, let alone Ignition.
That's probably a whole different topic however.

Using Perspective 8.1.26 and Chrome browser on a touch screen, to resolve the problem that the text on a button was selected with a long press on the button, under Styles, I added the stylesheet.css with the entry:

* {
-webkit-touch-callout: none;	/* for Safari on iOS only */
-webkit-user-select: none;	/* for Safari */
user-select: none;

(The entry was suggested in Perspective Mouse event, disable cut/copy/paste on iPad - #11 by Chris_Kociolek; the * means the styling will apply to every component)

For individual components, adding the key value pair of "user-select: none" in the textStyle properties of the component also works.

Adding the event handler suggested in Perspective disable right click menu on touchscreen did not work.