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I am using the file resource option in the Webdev module to store the mp4 file, then use the perspective video player to play a video. It works perfectly on any computer's browser, but whenever I open the perspective page on mobile devices, the video won't play (the play button is disabled.) However, if I put the source path on the mobile browser, the video can play without issues.

Is this issue related to the Perspective Video Player? do we have a workaround for this?


@PGriffith @cmallonee Any help, please?

Have you tried re-encoding your video to a well-supported codec (like VP9, perhaps)? I understand that embedded Chrome may not always have the same licensed codec support as an independent browser.

Consider testing on Chromium instead of Chrome, so your testing is limited to the widely supported formats.

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What version are you using? We had a similar report a couple of years ago which we were unable to replicate internally with the same resources.

@cmallonee I am using the latest version of ignition. If it makes a difference, I am also using edge. But also tried it on standard version, also no luck.

Thanks for the response! I will see if the customer can re-encode videos to VP9

I asked around and one of my co-workers pointed me to a forum post that I myself wrote about this very issue nearly two years ago.

Essentially, .mp4 requires a license outside of Inductive Automation to be purchased and applied to the Gateway through JVM arguments (which thus requires a Gateway restart). The recommended, free, easy workaround is to use a non-license-based encoding format.