Perspective Workstation - Multi-Monitor Support

Hi All,

Just curious if anyone can point me in the right direction for experimenting with the Multi-Monitor Support in the new Perspective Workstation.

I realize there is little information out there but just looking to find out where to start.

Thank You!

Sure! The multi-monitor stuff is all configured from the applications in Workstation, so there aren’t any configurations to make in the designer (other than having some Perspective pages).

When managing an Application in Workstation, there’s a Page Configuration section that allows you to define which pages should open on which display. If the Page field of a display is empty, then nothing opens on that display, so adding multi-monitor support really means just adding a page into an additional display.

So, in the image above, the root page ( “/” ) will open on my first monitor, and “/page2” will open on my second monitor.


Thanks for this information!

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