Perspective XY Chart yAxes Value stuck with one format

I’m creating a pareto chart so I have two Y axes - count_axis and percent_axis. I also have two series - failure_count and cum_percent.

  • Both axes are render: value

  • count_axis is value > format: #,###

  • percent_axis is value > format: #%

  • count_axis is index 0, percent_axis is index 1

  • percent_axis is appearance > opposite: true

  • Windows / 8.0.10

Problem: as soon as I set the percent_axis > value > format to percent, it displays count_axis as a percent. Instead of 400, it is 40000%. Change the percent_axis to number and count_axis changes to an integer.

This can be seen with the default XY Chart data. Drop a new chart in and change yAxes > 1 > value > format > percent. Both axes will change to percent. Screen cap attached.

I couldn’t find a pre-existing bug tracker for this.

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Has anyone else seen this behavior? As I mentioned, you can test it really quickly by creating a default chart and switching the 2nd Y axis to % format.

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That happened to me too. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot so I just put the % in the axis label.


Thanks @lwood, I like the workaround. I used it. Took the SQL in the named query from “Cumulative * 1.0” -> “Cumulative * 100” and changed yAxes[1] to Integer format and viola.
I haven’t heard if this is on the radar as a bug. I can’t imagine it’s intentional behavior.

I have the same issue. Any fixes other than leaving it a decimal or changing the data to *100? Does this happen on all charts with two Y or just the column/line combo?

Looks like this was finally fixed in 8.1.3, I haven’t installed it yet but: