Plx51-df1-eni with slc500

Hello everyone, I’m trying to communicate to an SLC500 through the PLX51-DF1-ENI module by ProSoft Technologies…
This is a DF1 to E/IP gateway like the 1761-NET-ENI of AB.
I couldn’t find a way to connect this PLC, I don’t know guys if you had the opportunity of using this module or how did you successfully connect with the 1761-NET-ENI in Ignition.

I can see the SLC Processor in RSLinx with E/IP Driver. Upload and download programs.

We just got one of these mounted onto our PLC wall but I don’t think anybody has had a chance to test or work with it yet. I’ll ask around.

In the meantime maybe another forum user has had some experience and can chime in.

Thank you “Kevin.Herron”, I’ll be waiting.

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