Popup draggable


I have a script on a Mouse Event which opens a dynamic popup in perspective.
I want the popup to stay in place, however i cannot seem to get that to work when creating the popup through a script.

‘’‘system.perspective.openPopup(“82h3d8”, “Page/Popups/Unit Performace”, position = {‘top’:0,‘left’:0,‘right’:0}, modal = True, draggable = False, resizable = False)’’’

Am i doing something wrong or is this not possible via script.

Using the supplied code results in a popup which is not draggable (8.0.4 nightly version). What sort of device are you encountering this on?

There is an idiosyncrasy of popups/modals where if ANY portion of the popup is rendered outside of the viewable area, then the popup becomes draggable. Is it possible that part of the popup you are opening is rendered but not viewable, perhaps due to scroll bars?

This is occurring when using the perspective app on mobile.

And are these conditions occurring?

Yes, there was a portion of the popup appearing down the bottom of the screen.
I added in ‘bottom’:0 which removes the rendering issue.