Popup right-click on inactive objects

Version 8.0.8
When you right-click on an inactive (no mouse action) object, a popup appears with the following options: Restore, Move, Size Minimize, Maximize and Close. All options are not active.
Can the appearance of this popup be blocked?

You can override the context menu by creating a simple script on the component’s mouseClicked event:

if event.button == 3: pass
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Thanks for the tip! It is also possible to disable this in a project without having to walk through all objects?

As far as I know, and I am no expert, you would have to assign the script on the Root Container for every window. I don’t remember seeing an option anywhere to disable the context menu itself–the script doesn’t really even do that, it just hijacks the mouse event.

I’m a little unclear on what “inactive objects” are being referred to in this thread. Can you elaborate a bit, please?

Any object on the screen (inside the Vision window), which doesn’t have any mouse action defined.
And this is very irritating… and if you click on ‘Close’, the currently opened window is closed and you are… fu**ed…
In Ignition v8.1.1 is still there…
Who in IA thought that this was a good idea to enable a popup, which I didn’t define myself and with no possibility to turn that ‘feature’ off?


This is fixed in 8.1.19.

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