Possible bug in 7.9.7

Hey guys,
I don’t know if you’ve notice this issue or not or maybe it’s just me but its really annoying…
For some reason the property binding window on my power table becomes unresponsive and by that I mean, If I have a query in there and I want to go back in some time later and try to add something to the query and click OK to submit nothing happens, the window doesn’t close at all, it’s like the OK button stops functioning…
Anyone else has experienced something like this?
just fyi, It’s not the query, I can delete the query and click on no binding and then click OK still won’t let me click OK and close the window.

Yes, there’s a bug. See this thread and this thread.

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Ahh, I saw that second one but I read the subject and it said “Dropdown box…” so I didn’t really read into it… guess its the same deal as mine.
I enjoy working with Ignition way too much to let some bugs stop me even if that means to apply the new query I have to recreate the table from scratch lol :joy:

I’ve had the same issue with power tables.

For now either make sure the table you create has everything you need in the query or recreate the table from scratch lol

Yup. Luckily most of the tables I’m dealing with only have a few Extension Functions set up so I only have to copy/paste from a few spots if I wan’t to make a new table.

As long as you don’t copy the table, you can edit it. If you copy the window, or copy the table, then you won’t be able to edit either until deleting the copy.

(Same for dropdowns)

Idk about that because I’ve created power tables from scratch that ended up unresponsive late on. Hopefully 7.9.8 comes out soon to fix this issue.