Power chart, are trends always interpolated?

As I am trending iOT sensors I would like to view the pens in a digital style.

The measurements arrive quite seldom, so if i want to watch the last 24 hours, and i only have 8 measurements, the interpolation makes the trend useless (for my case).

I see when using bindings in general in Perspective, one has the historical binding option “asStored”. Then by creating two trends from the same series in a time series chart one can atleast see the points (still missing the digital style though):

The power chart does not have an option for either digital style, or asstored. Am I missing something, or maybe this should be a feature request?

One more thing. What is the point of the “scatter option”, if the historical data is always interpolated? This will always result in a “scatter” point on all interpolated times

In your ‘pens’ objects, change the interpolation type to ‘curveStepAfter’

That was easier than expected :slight_smile: thanks alot!

A prerequisite for using curvestepAfter, is that the measurement has to bee stored with a discrete Deadband Style:
If not you get these:


Thanks for the tip on the “Discrete” prerequisite. It help me today.

Can you add a caption to the red ellipse images above? What are we supposed to learn from them?