Power Chart Feature Requests

Just implemented my first Ignition Project and I found myself wanting more from the power chart in some areas - probably due to my familiarity with other SCADA software. Some of these requests may be achievable through some clever scripting but I’m not that strong in that area yet. Here goes:

  1. When you hover above a particular pen I can see the style change and the + sign that appears on the pen but I wish it would show the value of the pen at that particular point. as well

  2. When set for auto ranging, if you turn off a pen on that plot I’d like to see the plot re-range. So for example if I have a plot with a pen showing a set point of 500 and the setpoint doesn’t change but the process value is hovering way down around 50, you can’t really see changes in value without using the x-trace marker. I’d like it so if I just turn off the SP pen, the range adjusts to what the PV is doing

  3. Ability to change the weight of a particular plot based on mouse click - so if I have 3 or 4 different plots all equally distributed with a weight of 1, but I click on one of them the weight changes to something adjustable so that particular plot takes up more space (enlarges). Then you could clear it the same way you clear the x-trace marker

  4. Pan and Zoom should allow you to drag a box around a portion of the trend (much like how the range brush works) only the trend would then zoom in on that area - both time and range. I know you can “zoom” using the mouse wheel but it’s not as accurate for getting at the exact area of data you want to enlarge. Again, cleared like you would range bush

  5. Export to CSV should use the pen names not the internal tag addressing. This would make it much more user friendly for an operator who wants to see the data

  6. Export format should also do a better job with the time field

Any suggestions on any of those items are appreciated - like I said some of that may be achievable through other methods that I’m just not experienced in yet.

Thanks much!

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Power Chart export options for time and date format were expanded in V8.1.12 with the addition of (config.export.dateFormat) and (config.export.timeFormat), providing more human readable options instead of just a Unix timestamp.


Steven thanks for that - I’ll play around with those settings to alleviate those two items. Really appreciate the help!

Nick - thank you as well! I was afraid I was alone with these thoughts lol. You did a much better job articulating though!