Power chart pen control values out of control

Hi all,
In the Power Chart, the pen control values are out of hand when the locale is set to non-American number notation. As you can see, my min and max is x1000 and my average is completely out of control.
Is this a bug that is known and worked on?

you will have to format the values so that it will consider the decimal notation right (comma and dots )

Thanks for the reply. Does this mean you cannot bind your data like this?

I think you can change the dataFormat in the axes.
actually no idea how it works with locals tho.
are you sure that in the dataset it is saved as numbers and not string?

The dataset does save the values as float values:

I can change the dataFormat property on the axes, but that will only change the way I format the really big number, not make them smaller. I would think the powerChart component formats the data wrong when doing calculations on the data, I wonder if it’s possible to influence this.

idk ive not used the powerchart before.
I suppose you do some formating in your query, turn it into a string there and then trim/replace the dots/commas

Ok, it’s really a powerChart issue I’m having, because the power of powerChart is that I don’t do any of the querying myself, The only thing I need to configure is which tag from the TagHistory it needs to show. So I can’t influence any querying done here, I think…


ah hm no idea then sorry

Thanks for trying to help!

you can always try and set the locale of the service to US, then atleast the values wont be multiplied

Yes, that can be a solution. Hope this will get fixed soon tho.

Hi @louagejasper! Did you get the issue with the power chart fixed. I am experiencing the same problem. Changing the axes dataFormat property does not seem to help.

Hi Henning,
My solutions was to only use locales that use ‘.’ instead of ‘,’.
I think I used Luxemburg locales or something as a workaround…
But no real solution for the countries that use comma’s.
In the application we do use comma formatting instead of the point formatting.


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I would consider this something that should be addressed. I’m having the same problem, to the point where I tend to ignore the advantage of having Pen Control visible, and changing locales is not in my plans.