Power Table Header Wrap and Column Freeze Pane

Is there a way, through Java, to wrap text in the headers of a power table? What about freezing column(s) when using the horizontal scroll bar on a wide power table (analogous to Excel Freeze Panes). I am using 7.9.4.



Well I found the way to wrap text using HTML in this link:

Any thoughts on freezing columns, forum search came up blank

Has anyone been able to incorporate Java tools to get the freeze panes to work?

There’s no simple solution. To freeze a column or columns, they have to be plucked out of the table model and placed in a separate JTable’s model, and that JTable’s body set as the scrollpane’s row header.

Thanks I tried doing as you described and although I could get the objects through the code, I wasn’t able to set the power table to a new JTable. I will continue working on it.

Where would be the best place to put this code? In a separate button or in one of the power tables extension functions or event handlers? I am thinking a separate button.


Were you able to get any further on this? Would like to implement the same sort of functionality.


No I haven’t. I didn’t continue with developing on this as other things took priority in the application. Sorry wish I could be of more help.