Powerchart no trend data source available

So I noticed that if we use more than like 2 days of data we get a message where the tags as pens show up saying there’s no trend data available. Is this a bug, I remember it used to work. We are on 8.1.12.Thx, jake

I’m experiencing something similar with v8.1.18, but it doesn’t matter whether I select a realtime range or historical range. One day it works, the next day it doesn’t. One minute it works, and hour later I get the same message. Nothing in the logs. Not database errors.

If anyone was able to find the cause of this issue I would appreciate you sharing, I am seeing this issue on an internal development gateway after updating to 8.1.19.

Thank you,

How have you configured the trend?

Good morning Hayden,

I am using the ‘Power Chart’ component in Perspective to choose the tags to display on the chart and I have been using the default configurations that the charts sets when you add a pen.

Is there some more specific information I can provide?

I am also getting same error on 8.1.18 and before it's working for previous version.

Anyone with inductive chime in yet?