Powerchart no trend data source available

So I noticed that if we use more than like 2 days of data we get a message where the tags as pens show up saying there’s no trend data available. Is this a bug, I remember it used to work. We are on 8.1.12.Thx, jake

I’m experiencing something similar with v8.1.18, but it doesn’t matter whether I select a realtime range or historical range. One day it works, the next day it doesn’t. One minute it works, and hour later I get the same message. Nothing in the logs. Not database errors.

If anyone was able to find the cause of this issue I would appreciate you sharing, I am seeing this issue on an internal development gateway after updating to 8.1.19.

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How have you configured the trend?

Good morning Hayden,

I am using the ‘Power Chart’ component in Perspective to choose the tags to display on the chart and I have been using the default configurations that the charts sets when you add a pen.

Is there some more specific information I can provide?

I am also getting same error on 8.1.18 and before it's working for previous version.

Anyone with inductive chime in yet?

Was anyone here able to figure this out? I am experiencing the same issue.

We were having an issue with the db not keeping up, I had to add:


To the Extra Connection Properties in the connection to the db in the ignition gateway.

I am experiencing the same issue.

But when I use the tag history configuration, I can find a dataset.

Once I remove the following configuration, it works:

But I configured this property in another project without an issue.


If you open the view with the power chart and use the browser to add a tag you go through the designer while it's open and see the path and how it's formated. It will be like histprov:....

where exactly do i add this statement ? i am not able to find a match

  • Config>Database>Database Connections

So in the Gateway WebUI go to the above and in Extra Connection Properties


Just add it to the end of whatever is already there like mine.

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Do these settings apply to specifc vendor like mssql or are they vendor agnostic?

It probably depends on the db, I'm using mysql, well google hosted db mysql 5.7 to be specific.

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Did this solution worked?

Hello, I changed sample mode of my tags from On Change to Periodic with Sample Rate of 1 second and it works now. :slight_smile: